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travel park

Travel Park

Travel Park is a travel specialist with a difference. The focus is not on selling you deals, but on finding solutions. They Provide One Stop solutions of all Travel destination.

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digigrams repair

Digigrams Repair

Digigrams Repair is a doorstep repairing service provider. They provide doorstep services for Mobile repairing, Laptop repairing, Desktop repairing and Data Recovery.

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Centre for Alternative Dalit Media

Centre for Alternative Dalit Media (CADAM) has its root in the youth organization Mukti (Liberation). Founded in 1982 as a youth organisation aiming for social, economic and political equity, activities of Mukti were primarily confined to Delhi.


Ntional Confederation of Dlait & Adivasi Organisations

NACDAOR is the national platform for more than 2200 Dalit Adivasi organisations spread across 23 states of India. CADAM acts as the secretariat of this national platform.

Jan Samman Party

Jan Samman Party

At a time, when most of the political parties vying for majoritarian religious credentials, Jan Samman Party (JSP) is founded on the principles and practice of Equal Dignity of All, Equality of Human Beings and Social Justice.

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Express Repair

Express Repair

Express Repair is a doorstep Mobile repairing service provider. Express Repair endeavor in our Customer Service and utilize this formula for our recipe to progress and make it our best need to provide food for all our Customer needs.

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neela slaam news

Neela Salaam News

Neela Salaam News is an local YouTube news channel. They cover almost every activity happening in the India and World as well.

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Khabar buddha times

Khabar Buddha Times

Khabar Buddha Times (formerly Times News India) is an local YouTube news channel.​

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