How to Install WordPress from cPanel

WordPress Idea

Building a Website with WordPress is a lot easier than you think. You don’t need to have the technical knowledge or any programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, etc.

In this topic, I’m going to show two different methods to install WordPress on your domain with Cpanel.

What is cPanel?

Well according to Wikipedia:

cPanel is a company that builds cPanel & WHM. cPanel & WHM is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface (GUI) and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site to the website owner or the “end-user”. cPanel & WHM utilizes a three-tier structure that provides capabilities for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser. While cPanel is limited to managing a single website, the server administration panel is called WHM, short for WebHost Manager.

Many hosting providers give you access to cPanel. If your hosting plan does not have cPanel then they provide you with an alternative or few links to the cPanel functions.

If you have a doubt which Hosting to choose from because there are many of them and it’s difficult to choose the best of them, then you can choose what I’ve been using for many years.

You can go with A2 Hosting. a2 hosting has high speed, secure and 99.9% uptime all the time and from my experience, my websites hosted on a2 always have 100% uptime (just a few exceptions sometimes).

How to Install WordPress from cPanelHow to Install WordPress from cPanel

So, with any further ado lets jump into the installation.

Access to cPanel.

Navigate to your hosting account and go to cPanel. Navigation differs from every hosting providers but most of them have a link on the dashboard of your account

If you have a2 Hosting just login into your account and click on go to cPanel.

If you have the username and password of your cPanel then you can easily go to cPanel just typing the URL www.[your_domain].[com/in/etc]/cpanel, e.g. if your domain is then your cPanel URL will be

The Automatic Method

In your cPanel dashboard search for Softaculous App Installer and click on it. It will redirect you to the Softaculous App installer page.

Softaculous Apps Installer

Then in the left sidebar click on the Blog option and then WordPress.

Then just click on Install now to install wordpress on your website.

install wordpress

Fill the details required and note down your username and password. After that just click on install.

If it shows ant error then just click on the white checkbox and then scroll down to the bottom and again click install.

It will take some time according to your hosting account speed.

After the installation completes, you’ll get two links in the overview page

  1. Link to your website.
  2. Link to your WP Dashboard
WordPress Installation Info

Click on the second link to access your WP Dashboard.

And it’s done.

The Manual Method

The manual method takes a long time because you have to do every step by yourself. Don’t worry if don’t know what to do, just follow my steps and do as I say then you will install WordPress without any error.

Step 1: Download The Main File.

Go to and download the latest version of WordPress. You’ll get a zip file.

Step 2: Upload the Zip File.

Now go to your cPanel dashboard and click on the File Manager. It will take you to the root directory of your hosting. navigate to public_html folder. public_html is the root folder of your website.

If you find anything inside public_html folder then just select them and then delete.

Then click on the upload button on the top ribbon and choose your downloaded WordPress zip file. Wait until upload finished then go back.

Right-click the uploaded zip file and select extract and click Extract File(s). If you don’t see the file then just click the reload button in the file explorer.

After you extract if you don’t see the files or just see a single folder named wordpress or any other name, then just go to that folder and select all and right-click and choose move, remove the folder name and click on Move File(s). Please make sure you check this becuase it is very important to install wordpress.

Step 3: Create A Database User and Assign It.

Head back to your cPanel and click on MySQL Database.

  1. Create a new database – type the database name in the field after the understroke.
  2. Scroll down and create a user and password, assign all privileges to the user checkbox.
  3. Scroll down and Add user to Database.
  4. Note down the Database Name, User and Password, because you need them in installation.

Step 4: Install WordPress.

Go to your website address and access the admin dashboard to begin to install wordpress.

e.g. If your website is then your admin URL will be

You’ll see the Installation process. Choose the language you want to Install.

wordpress install page

In the next step, WordPress will ask you to give the database name, user and password. Fill them same as you created in the previous step. (Note: enter complete name e.g. xyz_database)

Leave the Database host as localhost if your website and database are on the same hosting. If not then enter the IP address of the Database.

In table prefix, you can leave it as it is or enter your custom table prefix if you want.

Then click on let’s go and then Run the installation.

Then fill the Information, same as it was in the automatic installation.

Admin setup page

Create a user and a strong password. This username and password will be different, This username and password are for WordPress only.

Everything’s Done. Log in Now

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